On pre-administrating the AP exam

There is no exception to this. Pay attention:

All students currently taking an AP class are required to take the AP exam, which will result in an exemption from the second semester final exam. By taking the AP exam, you give our program valuable data for assessment and improvement. If you do not sit for this exam, your grade will be incomplete until you sit for an alternative exam, which will count as your final. In order to best facilitate the exam process, the College Board allows schools to hold Pre-Administration sessions to take care of the 30 minutes+ that involves filling in the demographic data. Minimizing the time spent on this on exam day, does increase your focus for the content at hand. However, if even one person in the session has not gone through the Pre-Administration process, all students must sit through this process on exam day.
Here are the scheduled Academic Times dedicated in the dining hall to complete the

Pre-Administration aspect of the exam:
March 28- 2:25 Dining Hall
April 11- 2:225 Dining Hall
April 25- 2:25 Dining Hall

Let’s get with it today!

On Writing and its rules

In the last few weeks, I’ve received Extra Credit write-ups that show me that we need to talk again about standards of turning in work.

Though “Mr. Walberg’s 10 Rules for Writing” is written in a silly way, the rules are real and I expect you to stick to them unless it does not apply– for instance, if you are writing about your trip to the Dole Institute of Politics, then you can obviously use first and second person pronouns.

Other things like proofreading, double-spacing, avoiding contractions, using a serious font, etc– those are rules you should stick to for the rest of your academic career.

I hope a little refresher helps!