APUSH Extra Credit opportunity

APUSHers, the Scholars Bowl team needs your help again on this Thursday, December 1. We have spots for 24 students, filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you’re available to help us run our tournament, we need your help from 3:30 until ~6:30 (though the meet may finish sooner than that).

The work entails time keeping (usually 10 seconds at a time) and score keeping (adding by 10 and sometimes subtracting 5).

On Police Dogs and Current Events class

The SJA Current Events class is learning about Policing and the Justice System. We asked our SRO Office Betsy Peterson to talk about police procedures. She also brought Corporal Ryan Sumner and MPO Tim King the Lenexa Police Department K-9 unit for a discussion and demonstration of their work.

It was pretty neat! Thanks Lenexa Police Department, for this and for all you do! We learned a lot!

On the Fall 2016 Blood Drive

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the terrible news. My donation was rejected because I had a heartrate ONE SINGLE BEAT HIGHER than the accepted range. :(

Everyone who gave a good faith attempt to donate blood earned 5 points, and that means that everyone who successfully donated beat my time and earned a total of 10 points.

This is one of the lowest moments of my teaching career, and thank you for your kind consolation.

On the SJA JV SchoBo at Eudora

St. James Academy’s JV Scholars Bowl team took first at the Eudora High School Junior Varsity meet on Wednesday. The team went undefeated through 11 rounds of play to take first place. Sophomore Mark S. and Freshman Macy S. combined to put up 645 points.

L-R Mark S., Macy S., Junior L. Mies, Freshman J. Grube.