On the History Destiny project

Dearest American Historians, find below the list of partners, the years, the historical people, the events, and the numbers chosen. If you were not present on draw day, you may have been paired up with a partner who was able to draw on your behalf. Both people should see me immediately if the pairing doesn’t work.

  • Bates/Schreiner: 1908-09; Henry Kissinger; Al Capone; the Spanish American War; Explorer 1 launched; 9,9,4,19,10
  • Bishop/Sutton: 1992-93; Buddy Holly; Sugar Ray Robinson; the New Deal; the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution; 10,5,5,8,11
  • Brungardt/Wasko: 1950-51; Harry Houdini; James Dean; the Moon Landing; World Trade Center Bombing (not 9/11); 2,8,5,5,9
  • Cook/Phillips: 1984-85; Marilyn Monroe; Henry Ford; Bay of Pigs; Cuban Missile Crisis; 4,5,9,9,5
  • DuBois/Schaefer: 1998-99; George Eastman; General Douglas MacArthur; Black Tuesday; Puerto Rico becomes a Commonwealth; 5,9,6,8,4
  • Felhaber/Odum: 1961-1962; Rosa Parks; General “Blackjack” John Pershing; Bombing of the Lusitania; Exxon Valdez; 2,5,8,3,12
  • Geer/McCabe: 1922-23; Al Jolson; Lucille Ball; Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 4th Inauguration; Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka; 5,9,10,10,6
  • Herrold/Murphy: 1982-83; Calvin Coolidge; Bessie Smith; Free Riders; USS Maine Explosion; 9,5,6,8,4
  • Kristensen/Macan: 1930-1931; Babe Ruth; Jim Thorpe; John Glenn becomes first Astronaut to orbit the Earth; Eisenhower sends federal troops to Central High School in Little Rock; 9,3,6,9,8
  • Pickert/Streeter: 1988-89; Mark Twain; Pancho Villa; President Reagan is shot; Statue of Liberty dedicated; 9,6,3,3,4
  • Rhodes/Walters: 1932-33; Chuck Berry; Arthur Miller; 1980 Summer Olympics boycott; JFK is shot; 6,5,11,8,2
  • Cokeley/Wassmer: 1994-95; General Patton; Franklin D. Roosevelt; Alamogordo NM site of nuclear test; US acquires Panama Canal zone; 8,6,9,4,11
  • Condon: 2000-01; Dr. Jonas Salk; Edith Wilson; Yalta Conference; US severs diplomatic relations with Cuba; 3,5,6,9,4
  • Douglas/Romo: 1890-1891: President Eisenhower; George Eastman; the Great Society; World Trade Center Bombing (not 9/11); 8,3,3,10,4
  • Duker/Kouri: 1898-99; Ray Bradbury; Douglas MacArthur; the United Nations is established; Pearl Harbor; 6,4,8,7,9
  • Geris/Rosqueta: 1964-65; Lucille Ball; Pancho Villa; the New Deal; Charles Lindbergh transatlantic flight; 11,5,9,8,11
  • Gichohu: 1940-41; Madame Curie; Charles Dawes; JFK is shot; the Spanish Flu; 8,8,10,5,10
  • Hurd/Tubbesing: 1934-35; Chuck Berry; Al Capone; Watergate; Harry Truman becomes President; 10,6,9,9,10
  • Kalny: 1900-01; Arthur Miller; Buddy Holly; Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka; Martin Luther King is shot; 3,5,5,6,3
  • Leiffer/Mehrer: 1938-39; Henry Fisk; Sacco and/or Vinzetti; Amelia Aerhart nonstop transatlantic flight; Sherman Anti-Trust Act; 10,8,8,3,6
  • Luna: 1990-91; Ida Tarbell; Cab Calloway; Wright Brothers make first controlled, sustained flight; Hiroshima bombed; 3,8,5,10,5
  • McLoughlin/Oprisu: 1928-29; Helen Keller; Groucho Marx; the Spanish American War; Nagasaki bombed; 8,9,6,9,8
  • Nanney: 1974-75; W.E.B. Du Bois; Henry Bessemer; House Un-American Activities Committee; Truman commits troops to Korea; 9,6,8,5,10
  • Parke/Steere: 1906-07; Andrew Mellon; Admiral Dewey; Panama Canal turned over to Panama; Reagan is shot; 8,4,5,10,5
  • Pokropski/Radakovich: 1976-77; Bessie Smith; Queen ‘Lil; Berlin Airlift; John Glenn become first Astronaut to orbit the earth; 10,9,10,5,11
  • Reilly: 1962-63; Ernest Hemingway; Zelda Sayre; USS Maine explodes; US planes begin bombing raids of North Vietnam; 8,10,6,6,6
  • Riedler/Bednar: 1924-25; J.P. Morgan; Walt Disney; the League of Nations; the Moon Landing; 3,3,9,8,5

The directions for this project are in the “Classroom Documents” folder. Good luck!