The future of St. James Academy Scholars Bowl!

Scholars Bowl (nicknamed the Fightin’ Roundabouts) have a couple of items that need attention.

  • Wednesday April 22 is the Spring Open house, and we’ll need members from 6:30-8:30 to set up, be awesome at the booth, and help tear it down. You will be paid in candy and smiles.

  • June 1-5 is the first SJA Middle School Scholars Bowl enrichment camp. The school’s website describes it thusly:

    1:00-3:00 p.m. What Is Scholars Bowl? How can I be a better teammate? Learn strategies for competing, working as a team, and dissecting questions to get to the root of the correct answer! This is a great opportunity to learn the nuts and bolts of this rewarding State High School Activities Association quiz game. St. James Scholars Bowl Coach and Social Studies Teacher, Joe Walberg, led over 30 competitors on the Thunder Varsity and Junior Varsity teams to the winningest season in SJA Scholars Bowl history.

    I’m looking for 3-4 volunteers to help run the camp. Duties will include helping organize and break down questions, moderate rounds for funsies, and to create Scholars Bowl excitement.

    2015 graduates may be eligible for earning a couple bucks for their time. All graduates over 18 years of age must be VIRTUS trained.

  • Roundabouts interested in applying for Team Captain should consider helping with these events or other SJA Scholars Bowl opportunities. Potential captains should to be Juniors or Seniors and have been members of the team for 2+ years.