Optional assignment: DIY Field Trip #2

In case you missed it:

Any World History or Honors World History who would like to earn some additional credit (NOT Extra Credit) on the Do-It-Yourself Field Trips may go on a second field trip as an optional assignment. The second field trip will be recorded as a normal assignment– all the usual extra credit or partial credit options apply.

Students usually do well on the DIY Field Trip project, with most earning full credit or nearly full credit. If you want to learn more about history by visiting another museum, hooray! I’m happy to record academic credit for your effort.

Details on the DIY field trip are in the “Classroom Documents” folder. All DIY Field Trip reports are due on the last day of class in April. This is a fun project (even if you don’t believe me right now), but don’t put it off until the last minute.

(The picture at the top right is a poorly-framed selfie in bad light of Mrs. Walberg and me on our honeymoon. Fun fact– people used to take selfies on actual cameras, and couldn’t see themselves until after they took the picture! The silver blob behind us was a tea service set made by famed silversmith and patriot Paul Revere. It was on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. History!)