On the fish sandwich.

Tomorrow is Friday, and since it’s Lent, it’s the day where we Catholics act unusually forlorn over our weekly lack of meat. I like fish and would have it any day, but during Lent, it seems like such a burden to go meatless.

Our friends at the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (“FOCUS”) have done an analysis of all the fast food fish options for you to pick up for your after-school snack on the way home.

The Wendy’s sandwich has come a long way in recent years. It was dry and terrible a short time ago, but the redheaded (presumably) chefs at Wendy’s have really improved it in recent years.

I assume that no one will be surprised to find that the worst two sandwiches are from Arby’s. This is further proof that Arby’s is the “oatmeal raisin cookie” of the fast food world.