Welcome back to school!

It’s a new school year and I honestly haven’t updated all the classes yet, so if you’ve been downloading all kinds of fun stuff from this site, you might have to get an updated copy when we use it.

In the meantime, I wanted to give a little preview of what to expect this year:

On Writing and its rules

In the last few weeks, I’ve received Extra Credit write-ups that show me that we need to talk again about standards of turning in work.

Though “Mr. Walberg’s 10 Rules for Writing” is written in a silly way, the rules are real and I expect you to stick to them unless it does not apply– for instance, if you are writing about your trip to the Dole Institute of Politics, then you can obviously use first and second person pronouns.

Other things like proofreading, double-spacing, avoiding contractions, using a serious font, etc– those are rules you should stick to for the rest of your academic career.

I hope a little refresher helps!

On the Fall 2016 Blood Drive

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the terrible news. My donation was rejected because I had a heartrate ONE SINGLE BEAT HIGHER than the accepted range. :(

Everyone who gave a good faith attempt to donate blood earned 5 points, and that means that everyone who successfully donated beat my time and earned a total of 10 points.

This is one of the lowest moments of my teaching career, and thank you for your kind consolation.

On credit, extra. Or, how I saved lives and saved my grade at the same time.

Twice a year, I offer extra credit to students who donate (or sincerely attempt to donate) blood at the SJA blood drives. It’s not every day that you can ditch class, get extra credit, and save lives all in the same hour of school. It’s not every day, but it does happen once a semester.

Students who donate blood, or students who attempt to donate and get rejected by the nurses at the drive for whatever reason (you don’t have to tell me why you were rejected) are eligible for five points of extra credit in the “product” section of the grade book. That number jumps to 10 points if you use the “ALYX” machine. There may be other ways to get the 10 points instead of just the 5 point standard bonus. Ask for details.

All classes: Blood Drive

The KAY club is sponsoring the Spring blood drive. I’m a big believer in giving blood (I’m close to my second gallon pin) because it’s a simple way to change the world.

So go donate blood. Save lives and change the world.

Also, there is a little clock on the donation blood tables that keeps track of how fast you donate blood. I’ll donate blood and record my time. You donate blood and record your time (you need photographic proof; it’s ok to take a picture with your phone). If you beat my time, we’ll find some extra credit.

Students need to be at least 16 years old (sorry 15-year-olds. You’ll have to change world some other way for a few more months) and get parental permission. Signups are in the dining hall during lunch or before/after school.