On pre-administrating the AP exam

There is no exception to this. Pay attention:

All students currently taking an AP class are required to take the AP exam, which will result in an exemption from the second semester final exam. By taking the AP exam, you give our program valuable data for assessment and improvement. If you do not sit for this exam, your grade will be incomplete until you sit for an alternative exam, which will count as your final. In order to best facilitate the exam process, the College Board allows schools to hold Pre-Administration sessions to take care of the 30 minutes+ that involves filling in the demographic data. Minimizing the time spent on this on exam day, does increase your focus for the content at hand. However, if even one person in the session has not gone through the Pre-Administration process, all students must sit through this process on exam day.
Here are the scheduled Academic Times dedicated in the dining hall to complete the

Pre-Administration aspect of the exam:
March 28- 2:25 Dining Hall
April 11- 2:225 Dining Hall
April 25- 2:25 Dining Hall

Let’s get with it today!

On tests and extra credit in APUSH

APUSHers, two things:

There was some confusion on the take-home test, so I hope to make it clearer.

The secret word for hours 1, 2, 3 is almond. For 7th hour, it is cashew.

You have two chances to take the test; Quia will report the higher score. Do not waste your first chance in case the second one fails. Open book is allowed since I can’t enforce a non-opened-book test anyway.

I discovered an extra credit opportunity. If you go to one of the two remaining events in the Presidential Lecture Series at the Dole Institute of Politics about World War I, then you can write about the experience for up to 20-out-of-1 points of extra credit.

You’ll need to go, prove you went (selfie at the site), and write ~750 words that summarize the lecture, tells what you knew, what you learned, and what differed from what you learned in class. THe write-up is due on the Monday or Tuesday after the lecture.

APUSH Extra Credit opportunity

APUSHers, the Scholars Bowl team needs your help again on this Thursday, December 1. We have spots for 24 students, filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

If you’re available to help us run our tournament, we need your help from 3:30 until ~6:30 (though the meet may finish sooner than that).

The work entails time keeping (usually 10 seconds at a time) and score keeping (adding by 10 and sometimes subtracting 5).

On Extra Credit in APUSH

Dearest APUSHers,
The details for the Extra Credit report are in the Classroom Documents folder here: http://www.walbergschool.com/apush/00ClassroomDocs/Extra%20Credit%20American%20Indian%20Cultural%20Celebration.docx

Go practice experiential learning!

Please spread the word that the information has been posted online.